Community comfort for those in need

May 27, 2011

When asked what is it that people cherish about living in Bingara, and district, most would answer our community spirit, and our willingness to help out when needed.

Bingara is a place where people are aware of one another and because of this; we care, support and give comfort.  Last week a number of residents received, in the mail, a token sum to use as they wish, in a sincere effort to assist them during their illness.

The community knows that these residents are ill and, as a community wants them to know that they are being thought of.  This initiative is to be now named ‘Community Comfort’. Residents, community groups, sporting bodies and businesses can support this initiative financially.   Individuals can also assist by volunteering their time fundraising.

‘Community Comfort’ was previously labelled ‘Bosom Buddies’, however, this name was misconceived as being limited to sufferers of breast cancer.

‘Community Comfort’ is to benefit any person with a life limiting illness.  Funds collected to date have come from various sources including sports fees, private
donations, and proceeds of last year’s Gwydir Art Show.

A donation box was at the Cancer Council stall last weekend at the Bingara Show.  There will be fundraising events over the coming months.

In the mean time, know that a number of people have already received comfort and have been very grateful that their community is aware of them and their illness, and more importantly that we care.