Community health increasing community wealth

August 3, 2008

Bingara Community Health staff had a planning day on Thursday July 3, 2008 to start planning ways of increasing health promotion activities around Bingara.

Bingara Community Nurses Sharon Price and Tiffany Galvin said health promotion is more than just giving people information about health.  “Health Promotion is the process of enabling people to gain control and improve their overall health. That means helping to know what they can do to improve their health, what to look for, and make sure they are confident in accessing the health care they need, to improve their physical, mental and social well-being,” Mrs Price said. “Ideally, a healthy individual or group must be able to identify and realise aspirations, to satisfy their needs and to change or cope with the environment,” she said.

To help build the capacity of Bingara residents to become more healthy, Bingara Community Health invites members of the community to participate in the following free activities:
Weekly activities:
• Healthy Lifestyle Group every Wednesday morning (A health education and exercise program starting in September at Bingara MPS)
• Happy, Healthy Staff – Get Fit Program, every Tuesday and Thursday afternoons (starting September at the MPS).
Monthly activities:
• Blood pressure checks – first Thursday of every month at Bingara RSL Bingo
• Blood pressure checks- second Monday of every month at Bingara Pharmacy
Special events:
• Promotional days from the NSW Government Health Promotion Calendar (e.g. Diabetes Week, Heart Week)
• Education days at Bingara Central School (eg – Asthma Education Day for staff)
• Promotion through Bingara Advocate and Bingara Central School.

Extra special event:
Pit Stop – Men’s Health Checks conducted at the Caravan and Motorhome Show on the 14 October 2008, Bingara Show Ground (put it in your diary now!)
“We are really pleased to have been invited by Bronwyn Neate to undertake some of these activities from the Bingara Pharmacy. Our blood pressure, pulse and weight checks on the second Monday of each month should be convenient for people down the street doing their shopping, and make getting a health check as easy as visiting the chemist!” Mrs Price said.

Community Health nurses will continue with their regular services as well.  “We will still be holding our normal morning clinics in the Community Health room at Bingara Hospital (or the soon to open Multi Purpose Service) along with home visits in the community attending to all wound dressings, blood pressure checks and any other services needed by members of the community,” she said.
Just ring (02) 6728 0130 to make an appointment.