Community ideas continue to flow

September 14, 2010

“A community is only as strong as its ability
to imagine what it could become”

Though not sure who might have said this, I am certain that it is true for most if not all small rural communities in Australia. Bingara has commenced a journey to discover what it could become over the next 15 years. It has been selected as the first community in New England/North West NSW to be given this opportunity with funding from the NSW Department of Industry and Investment.

Community members have proposed many varied ideas to secure economic development within the town and district. Listed here are five more. Some are in their infancy. Others have already commenced.

…idea number 11.
 Community Capital Register.

Small communities are the heartland of volunteerism, but just how much does our community provide, and how can we compare our efforts with other rural communities and much larger ones? This idea is designed to record all community volunteer efforts and to weight them according to the amount of leadership and commitment given across the community. It is not just a benchmark for our own interest but a means of totaling the contributions from the entire community.

12. The Bingara Riverscape Project.
Work has commenced on this project at the northern end of Maitland Street. The Project envisages an active garden area overlooking the Gwydir River. The site will not intrude on the river floodplain and it will highlight aspects of our natural and cultural history with simple features to engage locals and visitors. Landscape Architect, John Mongard has brought his award winning talents into focus at the site.

13. Youth Action Park.
“The children of today are the citizens of tomorrow”, so wrote Eli Brown, one of Bingara’s champions of the past. Providing an activity area for our youth where they can “hang out” in friendly and safe surroundings is an objective of many citizens of today. Ensuring that our youth have input into the design, purpose and site layout, is also spoken of as being essential.

14. Basic accommodation for youth from other areas.
Bingara has been identified as being a wonderful site for students to study and discover rural life in Australia. Providing cheap, yet effective accommodation for them has been an issue. One suggestion is to expand the facilities at the Bingara Showground, which already has suitable ablution and dining facilities, to enable bunk style accommodation for up to eighty students.


15.  Build on our National Park assets.
The conversion of about a dozen forestry reserves to national parks as a result of the South Brigalow-Nandewar legislation of five years ago, has provided Bingara with a magnificent set of assets right on its doorstep. The diversity of our geology, geography, flora and fauna, means that these assets can provide more once they have been fully explored, examined and catalogued.

The recent find of a fossil of a Trilobite on top of a fossilized palm tree of 215 million years in age, at a new quarry near Caroda has reinforced these prospects. More exploration is needed. (Pictured above.)

If you have any comments on these, or any other community development ideas, please write to The Bingara Advocate or contact the project co-ordinator Rick Hutton.

Submitted by Rick Hutton
Bingara CEDP Co-ordinator
Ph: 0428 255380

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