Community Mutual takes an interest in local business

October 8, 2010

Bingara business people will have three more opportunities in coming months to attend dinners organised by Bingara and District Vision 2020, and sponsored by New England Mutual, part of the Community Mutual Group..

The first dinner, held at the Imperial Hotel balcony last Wednesday night, attracted over 20 business owners and other members of Vision 2020.  Also present was Mark Rex, the Business Lending and Development Manager at New England Mutual, and staff from the local New England Mutual branch.

In her welcome, Frances Young said she would have liked to have 60 people attend the dinner, but there will be three more opportunities for people to attend.

Bingara Community Development Project co-ordinator, Rick Hutton, gave an outline of his project, collecting information which will be included in a report he will present to the Council and Vision 2020 at the end of October.  He suggested that the future dinners could take on a theme, suggesting ‘IT, and how it could be used on a townwide basis’, may be appropriate.

He also thanked New England Mutual, an organisation he described as “a generous and supportive sponsor”. 

Mr. Hutton said he had interviewed several business people seeking information for his report.  “We have to be mindful to keep the buzz going, and always be on the front foot,” he said.  “We cannot rely just on people who live here for growth. Sustainability is not good enough, otherwise we will be plodding along on the edge, and as a community, getting nowhere.”

After the dinner, it was suggested that one of the future dinners should be catering for rural business.

Bingara and District Vision 2020 members are keen to hear of other ‘themes’ business dinners could take.

Bingara and District Vision 2020 meets once a month, and new members are most welcome.