Community pitches in to clean up

March 9, 2014

The Gwydir was given a spruce up last Sunday when volunteers banded together for Clean Up Australia Day.  A number of community groups and individuals gave their time to make a positive difference within our shire for locals and visitors.

The always dependable and hardworking Bingara Lions Club demonstrated their ongoing commitment to local issues, leading the charge at a number of sites and manning a welcomed barbecue lunch at All Nations Hill.

Gwydir Shire staff were also involved and once again some ‘interesting’ items came in with the haul. Piles of rubbish, tyres and bottles were taken away from various locations.

“An absolutely glorious Autumn day was enjoyed by volunteers attending this years Clean Up Australia Day,” participant Liz Kakoschke said. “Every bit of rubbish removed makes a difference.

“It was a great morning, and we were able to achieve a lot. There were probably a few less volunteers than usual but it was still a great effort.

“It is understandable. People have given their time to help with bush fires and other things. People are busy, but we had a lot of different community groups, students and people of all ages come along.

“It is a really good feeling to do something so visually helpful for our beautiful environment. One ‘out of town’ volunteer and seasoned traveller commented that residents of Bingara are so lucky to live in one of the most beautiful towns in Australia!”

Students and staff at Bingara Central School once again did their part participating in Clean Up At School last Friday.