Community support well received

June 24, 2011

For those who are ill, it is a comfort to receive support and well wishes. In Bingara such people are not only comforted by their immediate family and friends, but the community as a whole.

Catherine and Toni
Catherine Egan receives a cheque from Bingara Ladies Golf
representative, Toni Moodie.

Recently the Bingara Golf ladies contributed $200 to the Community Comfort initiative. The ladies are just one group who are helping to boost funds which are then passed onto to those who are suffering a life limiting illness.

Catherine Egan stated, ‘this initiative is simply to give support to those people in our community who are facing personal challenges. A token amount of moneyand an invitation of assistance is given, in a confidential manner’.

Catherine added, ‘a number of people that have already received Community Comfort have expressed their appreciation and gratitude’.

The Bingara Advocate has also received a request from a recipient to pass on her sincere thanks to the community.

Letters are currently being posted to community groups and organisations inviting them to give money and their time. Catherine stated, ‘In October we would like to hold a ‘Blues by the Riverbank’ style fundraiser. We will need volunteers to organise and run the event as it will be community driven’.

To become involved, to donate money, or to give your time please contact Catherine Egan or Liz Groth.

Community Comfortmonies are held in trust by the Gwydir Shire Council and, although Mrs Egan is a Councillor, she advises that her involvement in this initiative is as a community member, and a person, who wishes to give comfort to those in our community who are in the most need.