Copeton Dam Road Reinstated After Excavation

November 12, 2012

Copeton Dam Road was reinstated on the 6th November after it was reconstructed following excavation for the dam safety upgrade.  A temporary road had been in place to divert traffic across the cofferdam and away from the excavation area for the new spillway.

New road at Copeton dam
Copeton Dam Road Reinstated After Excavation

The new 250-metre-wide, four-bay spillway will enable the dam to withstand
extreme floods and ensure it meets the highest standards set by the NSW Dams
Safety Committee.

State Water upgrade site co-coordinator Duncan Wilson said the project was continuing to progress to schedule.  “Construction of three of the spillway bays is 90% complete which leaves the fourth one to do as well as site rehabilitation works.”

Rehabilitation works will restore areas disturbed by construction and include
planting grasses around the dam and placing topsoil and mulch on the sloped

“Adding the topsoil and mulch on the stockpile areas will help the re-vegetation
process and restore the natural appearance of the area.

“At this stage the contractors remain on track for completion early in 2013.”