Copeton upgrade video online

September 11, 2013

 State Water Corporation has released a video on the Copeton Dam safety upgrade available for free public viewing on YouTube.  The video looks at the history of Copeton Dam and the reason behind the $60 million upgrade project State Water managed.

State Water Senior Communication Officer Jane Urquhart produced the video and said it helps to explain the need for the upgrade and how the project took place.  “We were really fortunate with the weather when filming up at Copeton and the video really captures the size and splendour of the dam from the air,” Miss Urquhart said.

“The documentary features some early construction footage and looks at why the new fuse-plug spillway was constructed.”

The Copeton Dam safety upgrade is one of seven dams State Water is upgrading to bring them into line with modern standards for extreme floods.

“I think people will get a good idea of the scope of the project through the video and the interviews with the project team,” she said.

The new Copeton Waters State Park facilities are showcased on the film, with the Northcott Centre and other facilities relocated to make way for the new spillway.