Costume fun at Bingara preschool

September 6, 2020

Bingara Preschool was transformed into a magical wonderland of characters over two days recently. Students came dressed as everything from Tinkerbell to Transformers and princesses to football players as a fun but creative learning opportunity. Preschool Director, Charmaine Reading, says that the children are always asking to dress up and this occasion coincided with Book Week, so was supported with great enthusiasm.

Max Watson, Solomon Petrus, Lani Andrews, Sophie Latham, Olympia Peterson, Summer Rowleson and Phoebe Green with Bingara Preschool Director Charmaine Reading.

“Dress up day at preschool was an extension of some of the children’s interests. It has been about extending the children’s interest in whatever they like, so they can choose what they want to wear,” she said. “It has given them a sense of identity about who they are and what they want to be.”

The children loved seeing their teachers dressed up too and what were fun and interesting days also resulted in unexpected learning opportunities.

“They have had a great time and it has been interesting because they have been looking at each other and talking about similarities and differences. They have discussed who they like and who they don’t like in character, so it has been getting them to voice their opinions,” said Ms Reading.

Joining the preschool this week are three new casual staff, Jodi Uebergang, Dymity Logan and Chloe Taylor, who also embraced the dress up theme of the week. “We welcome our new staff who will all be employed to work across the Gwydir Shire’s Children’s Services,” said Ms Reading.