Council to consider restaurant building purchase on Thursday

June 27, 2007

Council will consider the Community Services Committee recommendation to purchase the Shun Kwong Restaurant in Maitland Street at this Thursday’s council meeting, which will be held in Bingara.

Councillors spoken to by the Advocate said that the reason for the purchase centres on the need for catering facilities for the Roxy.

One of the Councillors spoken to said that Council was told that there would be no need for renovations apart from opening a closed off doorway to the Roxy as “the building is in wonderful condition and we don’t have to spend a cent”.

It was also stated that it was always in the plan to have a café/coffee shop at the Roxy and “break out rooms” for conferences would be available in the upstairs area of the restaurant building.

The proposed purchase is fully supported by Vision 20/20 which has the purchase as one of its priorities for Council’s 2007 – 2008 budget.
Further Information in The Bingara Advocate.

Courtesy of The Bingara Advocate