Countdown to CMCA Motorhome rally

October 4, 2008

With just a couple weeks to go to the 23rd CMCA National Rally, what facts do we have to share with the Bingara Community?

We now have 970 motorhomes registered to attend the Rally we also know there will be at least 1700 people on the Rally site.

Over 40 traders have registered to attend the rally to sell various products to the Club members. Among the traders we have businesses selling; thermal cookware, portable barbecues, solar power items [panels, batteries, lights, etc.] new motorhomes and 5th wheelers; printers producing business cards, and several food outlets selling coffee, pizzas, ice-cream and hot potatoes.

Bingara Lion’s Club have agreed to serve a barbecue evening meal on Monday 13th and Sunday 19th for around 300 people. This will provide the Lion’s Club with the much needed funds to help them carry out their community programs.

Community groups have gathered together to provide evening meals from Tuesday through to Saturday. A co-ordinated menu will provide a variety of meals throughout the week. The majority of the items required for these meals will be bought from local Bingara businesses. All profit from these evening meals will go to the appeal for the provision of a helipad at the hospital.

Bingara Central School senior students will be providing lunch for around 80 guests each day Tuesday to Friday. Funds from the lunches will go directly to the school.

Bangers and Mash, local caterers will be serving the Poets’ breakfast from Tuesday to Saturday.

As our members enter the grounds they will be presented with a rally bag containing amongst other things a 68-page program outlining the activities that are being held throughout the week along with some 16 full page colour advertisements and around 20 black and white advertisements. This program is being printed by the Bingara Advocate.

You can see that the local businesses are being well supported by the Rally.

To assist our members we will be running a small on-site shop between the hours of 7.30am to 9am each day. The shop will sell small quantities of bread, milk and papers, all supplied by local businesses and sold by our volunteers. This shop will be a non profit enterprise being solely for the benefit of our members.

A shuttle bus will operate between the hours of 9am and 4pm to transport members from the site to the main shops. This service will be funded by our members.

Bingara RSL Club will be operating their own bus during late afternoon to transport people from the Showgrounds to the Club for the evening meal.

Each night at the Rally we will be providing our members with on-site entertainment in our huge marquee that will be erected on the grounds. This marquee can accommodate up to 2000 people. Our entertainers on Wednesday 15th will repeat their performance on Thursday 16th at the Roxy Theatre. The CMCA is providing this free concert as a thank you to the town for the manner in which they have assisted us in so many ways.

Throughout the week our members will be taking part in several tours that have been arranged through the Gwydir Shire and the Tourist Information Office. These tours will provide an insight into the great attractions the area has to offer.  (Click here to view the available tours.)

Members of the Golf and Bowling Clubs have made their facilities available to CMCA members for the period of the Rally. An invitation has been extended to join the competition or to make arrangements to use the course or bowling greens at other suitable times.

On site our members will be able to take part in one of our 114 craft classes covering over 48 craft activities being provided by our volunteer tutors or participate in one of over 45 seminars being run by a variety of presenters.

Our open Day on Saturday 18th will allow the community members to come along to the showgrounds to check out what we are all about. On this day our large marquee will become the centre for our market day stalls. Stall holders will be drawn from our club members and anyone in the local community that would like to participate. Interested stall holders should contact us on 0408 554 580 to obtain a registration form. A small cost applies to running a stall.

The hosting of our Rally on the Racecourse/Showgrounds has provided the Gwydir Shire the opportunity to upgrade the power supply to the grounds. Bingara now has an excellent facility that in the future will allow the holding of major events that require a reliable up-to-date power supply.

We have some 40 motorhomes taking part in the Host-a-Motorhome Program. This is the first time such a program has been run in conjunction with a Rally and we would like to thank the Bingara Community for the way they have participated.

You will begin to see Motorhomes around town soon as the early arrivals begin to fill up spots along the Gwydir River and other nearby areas. Some of your local businesses will be a little busier than usual so please be patient and make the most of having all these extra people around town.

By rally organiser, David Fricke

Since they have been in Bingara organising the CMCA rally, David and Lyn Fricke have joined in several community events, including the Bingara Orange Festival. Pictured is their motorhome, taking part in the festival parade.