Deborah Conway and Willy Zygier did not disappoint at The Roxy

July 11, 2013

On Saturday, July 6, The Roxy presented renowned Australian singer-songwriter Deborah Conway and her partner Willy Zygier delivering their Stories of Ghosts tour.

A large and appreciative crowd braved the cold to attend the performance, the first half of which was dominated by songs from the new album, Stories of Ghosts.

Deborah was spellbinding as she sang her way through her interpretation of the Old Testament, often interacting with the crowd and sharing the story of the meaning and origin of each song.

Deep, dark and thoughtful, Deborah and Willy both dazzled with Roxytheir amazing talents, captivating the audience.

The second half of the performance saw Deborah perform songs from past albums, an array of hits that had the crowd stomping the floorboards in the Roxy and calling for more.

Willy Zygier was simply mesmerising on the guitar and mandolin and often came close to stealing the show during his solos, but Deborah’s powerful voice and magnetic stage presence shone through.

Deborah and Willy stayed on after the performance to sign CD’s and posters and take photos with fans, making for a truly memorable evening.

Bingara and The Roxy enchanted Deborah and Willy, as they enchanted the crowd.
They commented on the beautiful scenery as you drive into town and the lovely look and feel of the main street. They have assured us they will return to Bingara with their next album tour.

The Roxy Management Team would like to thank those who attended on Saturday night and participated in this wonderful performance.

Thanks also to Martin Hansford of Wombat Tracks Professional Audio Services for ensuring the events at The Roxy always look and sound amazing.