Delta shows her jumping style

June 19, 2016

When he and his family were preparing to bring their working dogs to compete in the Upper Horton Championships, Peter Hogan also included the family’s much loved ‘pig dog’ Delta, in the entourage. While she didn’t take part in the serious part of the weekend’s events, she proved to be the star of the dog highjump event, held at lunch time on Sunday.

Delta cleared the early jumps without even touching the high jump boards, and progressed through the rounds as others were eliminated. She was the only dog to jump 7’ 2 inches (218.44cm) and was declared the winner.

“Can we try it a bit higher,” Peter asked. Stewards agreed and added another board to the jump.

It was not a problem for the athlete, but a further board put a stop to the tally. So 231.14 cm or 7’, 7” is the height to beat next year.