Development plans for Myall Creek Memorial imminent

April 16, 2011

The architectural plans for Stage II of the Myall Creek Memorial have been approved by the Myall Creek Memorial Committee. The plans for the proposed education and cultural centre will soon be lodged with council.

According to committee Chairman, Ivan Roberts, New England Regional Director of the Dept of Education and Training, Jim White is very positive about having an educational institution in the region specifially dedicated to outlining the shared history of Aboriginal people and later comers, which also addresses the impact this had on Aboriginal people and their culture.

Mr White also sees the centre as a catalyst for encouraging a commitment towards reconciliation in our nation. Mr Roberts expressed the view in an email to General Manager, Max Eastcott that the memorial is a significant example of what is possible.

“As you know, bus loads of students from throughout the region, from Sydney and other places across Australia visit the memorial. Just three weeks ago 50 Year 10 students from Farrer Memorial High School visited the site. Many hundreds of tourists have also signed the visitors’ book in the last year.”

The committee now intends to seek funding to prepare a feasibility study and business plan for the project. The suggestion has been made that a qualified teacher be employed when the project is completed, to coordinate a curriculum package for visiting schools.

It has also been suggested that the centre would be a convenient meeting place for regional gatherings of police, teachers and other interest groups, if appropriate facilities for such groups were included in the development.