Digging up talent at The Roxy

July 30, 2013

Four bands from this region will battle it out for musical glory when the ABC talent show Exhumed regional final is held at The Roxy this Friday evening.

Entry to the show is free and it starts at 7.00 pm. Organisers are suggesting a large crowd may attend, so early arrival is advised.

Exhumed is a nationwide competition that celebrates the amateur. It’s not for one-hit wonders trying to revive their career, or young musos on their way up. It’s for those who have chosen other paths in life, but still love to play.

Not has-beens, not wannabes, but never-weres.

Originally created by James Valentine for his 702 ABC Sydney local radio show, Exhumed received an overwhelming response, with entries from 250 bands.

“We want to applaud those who make music for the fun of it. We want to find those who play for their friends, at fundraisers, at street fairs and school fetes. We want to say, we think you’re fantastic, its great what you’re doing and don’t stop doing it…. This is not The Voice. We are not looking for a great undiscovered singer. Its not X-Factor or Idol – we are not about to create a new pop sensation. This is about recognising that there’s a lot of great, passionate, inspired music making going on purely for the love of it,” James Valentine said.

Now it’s being expanded all around the country, including the North West, and you get to see it all first hand at The Roxy as the Regional Final is held.

So come along and for an evening of fantastic entertainment and see the crowning of our regions best band you’ve never heard of.

For more information, contact Tracey Carr on 0427 640478 or check out the Exhumed website abc.net.au/tv/exhumed/ to see interviews and videos from some of the entries.