Discover Gwydir #2 set for Warialda

April 4, 2009

Hot on the heals of the Discover Gwydir Forum #1 held at Bingara’s ROXY Theatre on February 19, the Warialda Chamber of Commerce and the Gwydir Tourist Committee will host Discover Gwydir #2 at the Warialda Town Hall on Thursday, April 16 at 7:00pm.

Discover Gwydir is the name given to a shire wide investigation of the tourism and recreation potential of the shire and all citizens are invited to attend.

At the first Forum, presentations were given by Bob Brown on “Romancing the Rocks” where he gave the geological history of the region and introduced the attendees to the amazing diversity of rocks and minerals across Gwydir, and by Bec Smith from the National Parks and Wildlife Service focusing on their “discovery” programs.

In Warialda, guest speakers have again been sought to outline some different aspects of our shire. Bird watching and aboriginal occupation are two aspects being considered.

All interested people are invited to attend especially senior citizens with their depth of knowledge of the region, and young people, whose enthusiasm and fresh outlook will be greatly appreciated.

Attendance at Discover Gwydir #2 will be by gold coin donation and supper will be provided. To assist with catering, please give your name and contact details to either of the GSC offices if you would like to attend.

It is planned that by the end of the Discover Gwydir Forum #2, a detailed set of projects will be commenced and a comprehensive report will begin that will be a living document highlighting the potential to further develop tourism and recreation across the beautiful and diverse Gwydir Shire.

Submitted by Rick Hutton – President – Ph:0428 255 380.