Discovery Walk

April 27, 2012

This Sunday 29th April there will be a Discovery Walk at The Living Classroom site. From Council, Glen Pereira and Rod Smith will be making presentations.

The afternoon’s activities will commence with a barbecue provided by Bingara Lion’s Club at 12:30pm, with the presentations and tour commencing at about 1:00pm.

The Living Classroom includes one of three trade training centres being developed within Gwydir Shire. It’s potential however is for much more than education. It will include the provision of and encouragement for local food, displays of garden and farm options, a beautiful growing landscape for recreation as well as learning, and a major new employer within Gwydir Shire.

If you are interested in attending for the barbecue, please advise the organisers by contacting the Bingara Tourist office on 67240066.

An extra incentive to those attending, especially for those who might find the prospect of a one kilometre walk daunting, or who would enjoy the nostalgia of a previous era, is due to the generosity of John and Cathy Wade from Gwydir River Trail Rides.

John has offered to come along on Sunday with his horse and dray.

While the planned walk is not difficult it will be exciting to see the horse drawn wagon at work. This also shows that the tourism offer from the Living Classroom may well involve added values like this.