Doc Faustus coming to The Roxy!

March 13, 2012

Sound & Fury will be performing LIVE at The Roxy on Thursday, March 29 and if you believe the critics it is definitely a performance not to be missed!

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It’s our parody of every Hollywood Western ever made…
– Sound & Fury

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The goofball thespians from Sound & Fury reinvent the tale of Doctor Faustus who sells his soul to the devil in Texas.

From the opening song, after they walk you through the prologue so no-one is left behind, these theatre types jump to it and gleefully hold your attention with crafty lines and physical comedy left, right and centre.

The comedic trio hides its cleverness in an offbeat script, some crude jokes, cheap props and a few technical difficulties that only adds to their charm. “Doc Faustus” is thoroughly amusing and they are clearly having a blast on stage.

One of the top-reviewed shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Scotland for two years in a row, recipient of “Best of Fringe” at the Winnipeg and Edmonton International Fringe Festivals, Canada, and three-time winner of the People’s Choice Award at the Adelaide Fringe Festival in 2008,2009 and 2011.

“5 stars! A punchy, brilliant and hilarious performance …that everyone should catch at least once!”  – The Advertiser (Adelaide)

“…Amazing comic timing and chemistry!” “The group performs with wit and panache!”   –  LA Weekly

“It’s classic, meandering, self-deprecating and very funny. It’s also insidiously smart, like vegetables hidden in the brownies. Sound and Fury in fine form!”   –  Winnipeg Free Press, Canada.   Read full review…

“Energetic, high-octane silliness, but it is also clever, witty and literary. It’s also full of enough one-liners and silly stand-up that you don’t have to concentrate too much if you don’t really want to.” – Barefoot Review.  Read full review…

“Vaudeville is out and proud in Doc Faustus, but is aligned with a genuinely entertaining and funny script making it a feast for the eyes, ears and funny bone.”  –  The Punch.  Read full review…