Don’t get caught this Easter

March 28, 2013

Recreational fishers planning to drop a line in this Easter should make sure they drop in and grab a licence first, Department of Primary Industries (DPI) Fisheries Compliance Director, Glenn Tritton, said today.

“Easter is one of the busiest times on the water, with many people using the four day break to get away and get some fishing in,” he said. “But just because you’re on holidays – doesn’t mean we are.

“Fisheries officers will be patrolling NSW waterways up and down the coast and inland fishing spots as well, to advise and educate fishers on the rules but also to detect and deter illegal fishing activity.

“Fishers must hold a current NSW recreational fishing licence, unless exempt, for any fishing activity including angling, shellfish gathering and spear fishing, and the licence must be carried on the person at all times.”

Anyone found without a licence faces a $200 on the spot fine. Additionally, a penalty of $75 can apply if you do not have the licence in your immediate possession.

“Fishers must follow the rules for bag and size limits and should only catch sufficient fish for their immediate needs and release all others using best practice catch and release techniques,” Mr Tritton said.

“While we encourage people to enjoy their time on the water, it is important for fishers to practice sustainable fishing techniques to preserve our precious fishing resources.”

NSW recreational fishing licences are available at more than 1000 outlets including bait and tackle shops, some Kmart stores and online at or by calling 1300 369 365.

Licence fees are:

  • $6 – 3 days
  • $12 – 1 month
  • $30 – 1 year
  • $75 – 3 years

To purchase your licence fee online visit: au

Alternatively, you can buy your fishing licence at the Bingara Newsagency or at the Little Store, in Keera Street. Both these shops will be open every day over Easter, check with the stores for opening hours.

Details of bag and size limits and catch and release techniques are detailed in 2013 NSW Recreational Fishing Guides, which are available on the DPI website.

More information on fishing rules and how licence fees are used is available from your local fisheries office and at www.fisheries.nsw.