Double B Beef turns 25

August 11, 2009

The district’s Double B Beef Promotion Association is celebrating its 25th Anniversary.


President, Will Cannington said,
"Our Association has reached an important milestone. We are the oldest beef marketing organisation of its kind in Australia. The role now of servicing our members is just as important as it was in 1984 when the organisation was formed".


For many producer members Double B has become a vital part of running their business. "Getting access to a range of markets for cattle, finding out about the latest technology in beef production and management and keeping informed about where the risks are into the future are just part of what Double B is about" Mr Cannington said.

Double B Beef members have access to a specialist marketing service provided by Objective Livestock Marketing. All breed types are marketed through this service to selected meat processors, feedlots and specialist graziers Considerable attention is paid to handling, transporting and delivering animals to customers in a low stress state. Customer feedback is monitored throughout the sale process. "All this adds up to confidence in the animals by the customer at the point of sale. This confidence is reflected in the price" stated Objective Livestock Marketing Director, Mr Danny Wilkie.

Inaugural President and Life Member, John Whitfeld said "The Association has been the catalyst for a number of ‘world first’ marketing initiatives in beef marketing and leather production". As a producer network, Double B has been able to work cooperatively with other producer groups, agents livestock transporters, researchers, government agencies, meat and leather processors and consumers. "It’s all about getting better product to the consumer, cost effectively, and keeping us viable into the future" he said.

Past and present members along with many industry associates will be celebrating the occasion at a dinner dance at the Barraba Golf Club on September 4. 

Guest speaker will be a past Horton Valley grazier, inaugural member of Double B and now Managing Director of Meat and Livestock Australia, David Palmer.