Dr. Archie Kalokerinos remembered

April 11, 2014

For former residents, Catherine and Helen Kalokerinos the opening of the Roxy Greek Museum held a special place.  Part of the museum is housed in what was the late Dr. Archie Kalokerinos’ surgery. Dr. Kalokerinos served the town for 10 years from 1982.

Mrs. Catherine Kalokerinos and her daughter, Helen
Mrs. Catherine Kalokerinos and her daughter, Helen, were back in Bingara for the opening of the Greek museum.

On one section of the wall in what was his surgery is a board outlining Dr. Kalokerinos’ story and his achievements in medical research.  The plaque which graced the wall of his Bingara surgery.

Dr. Kalokerinos returned to Bingara in July 2002 to officially open the Bingara Orange Festival.