‘Elder Statesman’ of Bingara retail business calls it a day

May 13, 2010

Bingara’s longest serving retailer, Glenn Wade, and his wife, Debbie, have sold their butchery business to another local couple, Damian and Tiffany Galvin.

After 24 years of trading in Bingara, Glenn and Debbie Wade
have sold their business.

Glenn and Debbie bought the business from Neville Hutton, who operated as Melbo Meats, on March 17, 1986. Glenn was just 21.

He grew up in Bingara, and started his apprenticeship at Melbo Meats. After two years, he moved to Moree for the final two years.

For his blocks of study, Glenn attended East Sydney TAFE, and in 1984 was the first country butcher to receive the coveted Oppenheimer Award for the ‘Best practical apprentice in the course’.

He was also honoured with Most outstanding block release student at East Sydney TAFE.

For the first week after he bought from Neville Hutton, Glenn worked on his own in Wades Butchery.

After that first 20 hour week, he employed Steve Coss as an apprentice. Steve stayed with Wades Butchery until 2002 when he moved to England.

Glenn also trained apprentices Daniel Wade and Paul Andrews. Paul began as the first school based butchers apprentice in Australia, and is now almost qualified.

Steve Apthorpe joined the team at Wades after Steve Coss left. Others who have worked at Wades include Guyy Cooper and Ted Bryant, and after school employees, Matthew Rose, Wayne Learmouth, Billy Dixon, Scott Wade, Wayne An-drews, William Abra, Sam Peterson, Clayton Daley and several who undertook work experience at the Butchery.

Wades Butchery has been a finalist in the Northern Inland Excellence in Business Awards, and has received various placings in regional sausage competitions.

Glenn has also bee a strong supporter of school steer competitions, often buying dressed beasts after judging. Wades Butchery have also been sponsors of many local community and sporting events in Bingara.

A couple of years ago, Glenn was appointed to a position of assessing apprentices in the north west region, but due to time constraints, could not continue in that role.

Behind the scenes, attending to the administration side of the business, was Debbie.

Asked about his plans for the future, Glenn said he had no immediate plans. “I’m taking long service leave,” he said.

(Letter to the editor of the Bingara Advocate)
Thank you
Please allow us through your paper to express our sincere gratitude to the people of Bingara and district for their support over the past 24 years.  We have considered it a privilege to do so and have always considered them as friends and never customers.

I have been fortunate to see a generation of cocktail frankfurt eating children grow and become successful and responsible adults, who always call in and comment on their trip into Wadey’s.

Any successful business is only as good as the staff that are employed. We have been blessed to have such wonderful staff and consider that they have always worked with us and never for us.

We also thank all business houses, service and community groups for their tremendous support given to us over the past 24 years.

We wish new owners, Damian and Tiffany Galvin, all the best for their future in the butchery.

Glenn, Debbie, Jessica, Ellie and Alix Wade.
Wades Butchery.