‘Encounter with the Beyond’ coming to Bingara Returned Services Club

May 19, 2010

John Overholt, Psychic Medium –  Spiritual/Physical Medium, Reiki and Seichim Master and Aroc Healing Master and experienced spiritual teacher possesses an extraordinary ability to connect to the other side to deliver positive messages of comfort and closure to people from their loved ones who have crossed over.

John will be conducting his Psychic Show “Encounters With The Beyond” at the
Bingara Returned Services Club on Wednesday, June 23, where he will show his
abilitiy to connect to “the other side” by giving readings to a random selection of the audience and shows proof of the afterlife by giving details regarding the person and the family, which is called evidenital mediumship.

John is regarded one of the best Psychic Mediums in Australia. During the show
John also shares with the audience his experiences regarding encounters with spirit that have occurred during investigations and clearing of haunted homes
and businesses.

John is founder of Hunter Society for Paranormal Research, which is a natural extension of his deep interest in places where a high number of spirit energy and other paranormal activity has been reported (for example: Maitland Jail).

John conducts investigations equipped with his ability to communicate with those spirits and entities and also uses technical equipment to document the presence of paranormal activity.

John has, through field studies, gained a wide insight and understanding  into
how and why hauntings and paranormal activities occur on a daily basis both in The Hunter and around the world.

John has conducted in excess of 300 investigations and house clearings and has
an extensive experience in working with spirit and other paranormal activity.