A zany play reading for October

“The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswoman’s Guild Dramatic Society’s production of Macbeth” must be one of the longest play titles ever — so let’s just call it “Farndale’s Macbeth”.

The comedy was written by English barrister Walter Zerlin jnr with his co-writer David McGillivray, who have written a whole series based on the life in a community theatre group. The plays are whacky, almost bordering on slapstick comedy – remember the Carry On movies?

In Farndale’s Macbeth the audience find themselves on the stage watching the actors perform to their audience, the backcloth.

The play opens with a pianist called Gwynneth warming up the audience with a burst of The Sound of Music and Tequila, an unusual choice for Macbeth but, as we find out nothing in a Farndale play is usual. An adjudicator, Mr Peach will oversee the play for a prestigious acting competition. Of course the whole production is total chaos. How will Mr Peach see this theatrical disaster?

This play may not be everyone’s type of humour but it should win your admiration. It first appeared on stage in 1992 and continues to ruin Macbeth – intentionally- in many theatres to the present day.

The North West Theatre Company (NWTC) will be reading Farndale’s Macbeth for their next monthly play read. So why not come along for a bit of fun and a good laugh at a really dreadful performance of Macbeth, where everything that could possibly go wrong does.

Be a member of the cast who absolutely massacres Shakespeare with atrocious, overacting, cues properly missed and the occasional explosion in a madcap English comedy – The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswoman’s Guild Dramatic Society’s production of Macbeth.

Play readings are just a fun afternoon when people who love theatre can get together and enjoy reading a good play. The play reading commences at 2.00 pm this Sunday October 14 in the upstairs Roxy Theatre Conference Room.