NWTC August play reading – For all Lovers of Agatha Christie Mysteries

The North West Theatre Company (NWTC) will be presenting “The Hollow” as their August play reading. In her autobiography Agatha Christie claimed that the success of “And Then There Were None” set her on the path of being a playwright, as well as a writer of books.

Agatha Christie had always felt that “The Hollow” would make a good play. As only she would adapt her works for the stage, she set about turning the book into a play. She took out some of the characters e.g. Hercule Poirot and changed others.

The play opened in Cambridge on February 10th 1950 to an enthusiastic press response. Agatha Christie herself was so pleased with the director that she gave him a brown paper package. Inside it was the script for a new play, she had just written – “The Mousetrap” History was made!

“The Hollow” tells of an unhappy game of romantic – follow – the leader tale, which explodes into murder one weekend at The Hollow, home of Sir Henry Angkatell. There are 10 potential suspects. Nearly everyone has a motive but only one of them did the deed.  Will Inspector Colquhoun and Detective Sergeant Penny solve the puzzelling crime as the plot twists and turns?

Play readings are just a fun afternoon when people who love theatre can get together and enjoy reading a good play. The readings commences at 2.00 pm upstairs in the Roxy Theatre Conference Room.

So come along on Sunday August 12th, either to join in the reading and help solve the mystery or just sit back listen.