Theatre company play readings return

After such a long break because of the Corona virus, the North West Theatre Company will at last be able to conduct the monthly play reading. And they shall start off with a ‘bang’.

Who doesn’t enjoy a bit of melodrama? The fun of hissing and boo-ing at the wicked villain, gasping with alarm at the dangers that befall the dainty, virtuous heroine.

So, the ‘Drunkard’s Dilemma’, a short melodrama written by Andrew Sachs should provide lots of laughs for both the readers and the listeners – the latter making up the participating audience. It will also provide our local thespians with the opportunity to experience an entirely new technique and style of acting.

This reading will be followed up with a one-act play by Arthur Lovegrove title ‘Nasty Things, Murders’. Arthur Lovegrove was a British actor and playwright. This comedy tells of four ladies in the ‘Home for Retired Gentlewomen’ who are very upset when the television set stops working just at the climax of a real–life murder investigation. Conversation turns to the circumstances of the murder. To the horror of three of them it appears that the fourth, the sweet and gentle Mary, may have been the actual murderess in the crime under discussion. What a stressful situation for all!

ll are welcome on Sunday 9 August 2020 at 2:30pm at The Living Classroom (please note change of venue).




The Living Classroom