Who Dunnit at the Roxy?

When: – Sunday 12th March at 4.00 pm
Where:- Upstairs in the Roxy Conference Room

NWTC Play ReadingCome to the next play reading to help solve the mystery and have lots of fun reading “Murder in Company” – play by Philip King and John Boland.

You meet all kinds of personalities in a theatre company (YES even in our little North West Theatre Company – NWTC) – the flamboyant, the shy, the confident ones, the not so confident ones.

So, what happens when, during a company’s rehearsal for a play? – All sorts of mayhem breaks out – events and strains within the company more than equal those in the play, being rehearsed.

The director’s wife is friendlier than is wise with a young man in the company, a “prowler” strikes, an unpleasant caretaker tries a little blackmail and one woman seems to know him from her past.
The rehearsal proceeds under difficulties until the mysterious death of the caretaker brings the situation of who – dunnit even more closely into real life.

Will you be able to determine who could have murdered the dead man?

So come along and join in the fun at the next NWTC play reading.