Facebook comes to Bingara MPS

July 31, 2015

The Bingara MPS Local Health Committee is moving into the future. The committee is hoping that the community will ‘like’ their Facebook page and learn more about what the local MPS has to offer.

The page will have information about services that are available, staff profiles and events or fundraising information. There will be an opportunity to provide any positive feedback.

Health Services Manager, Sue Mack has requested that any concerns regarding care or services need to continue to be submitted directly to the MPS, as this allows for acknowledgment and management of the issues.

“We look forward to improving our communication with the community and are very happy that the Local Health Committee is providing a portal to and from the Community, ensuring that the MPS meets the needs of Bingara,” said Sue.

The Committee members include John Bancroft, Johnette Walker, Greg Nichols, Tiffany Galvin, Jacqui McIntyre and Sue Mack. If anybody would like to join the committee, please call Sue Mack on 67280100.