Farmer with rock star history to speak at Vision 2020 AGM

February 8, 2019

Vision 2020 will have its (very belated) Annual General Meeting upstairs at the Roxy, on Thursday 14th February commencing at 5pm.  We were focussed on the December “Concert for the Farmers” when our AGM should have been held last year.  Guest speaker will be Andrew Farriss, renown singer/songwriter with INXS.  Andrew purchased “Piedmont” at Barraba many years ago, and now lives there with his wife Marlina.

One of Andrew’s recent activities has been to compose a song “Don’t Cry Tears in the Rain” for drought relief concert Haymate. Andrew’s topics will include – what it was that attracted he and his family to a country life style, and what does he think we in small towns in country NSW can do better to take advantage of the opportunities which exist.

We particularly like this recent quote from Andrew: “I think that the real thing is you just stay true to what you’re trying to do because then that makes you you, whoever you are. I think chasing trains is never a good idea because everybody left the station,”

Apart from usual AGM business, we will also have a short focus session on priorities for 2019. Lots of effort has gone into planning; it is now time to focus on the doing!!!

Yes, we know its Valentines Day, and the meeting will be followed by light refreshments.