Federal election day finally nears

June 28, 2016

After a seven week campaign, Australians will be voting on Saturday. Already, according to the Electoral commission, more than 1.17 million people have already voted, compared with 775,000 in the same period in 2013.

Six thousand postal votes have already been returned.  [Find out more about early voting…]

Where to vote
People who will be unable to attend a polling booth on Saturday can prepoll at Flanders House in Inverell.

In this area, polling places will operate at Bingara Central School, Warialda Town Hall, Upper Horton Hall, and Bicentennial Community Centre in Barraba.

Who’s Running?
New England (In Order Of Appearance On Ballot Paper)

  • Walker, Robert Henry Online Direct Democracy.
  • Colefax, Stan Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group)
  • Mailler, David Countryminded
  • Whelan, Peter Liberal Democrats
  • Ewings, David Labor
  • Taber, Rob Independent
  • Windsor, Tony Independent
  • Joyce, Barnaby The Nationals
  • Goldstein, Mercurius The Greens
  • Cox, Philip Gordon Independent


  • Stewart, Kate Labor
  • Ryan, Glen Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group)
  • Ayton, Philip John Online Direct Democracy
  • Parmeter, Matt The Greens
  • Coulton, Mark The Nationals

Inverell based Senator with Bingara links, John Williams is No. 5 on the Coalition ticket, Group F.