Film Club to support 180th Anniversary Myall Creek Gathering

May 25, 2018

This year marks the 180th anniversary of the Myall Creek massacre, and a number of events are planned to support this significant milestone in Australian history.

For North West Theatre Company, their contribution is to have their Film Club screen the 2001 ABC Australian Story documentary “Bridge Over Myall Creek” prior to the feature film “Argo” this Sunday at the Roxy at 4pm.

Bridge Over Myall Creek” was filmed in 2001, and focused on the events leading to the establishment of the memorial, the official opening itself, but more particularly how the project brought together several descendants of both the victims and the perpetrators – some of whom had only just discovered their forefathers involvement – and how these people were able to own responsibility for the terrible events on one hand, and to give and accept forgiveness on the other.

The images of these wonderful people embracing with tears streaming down their cheeks during the opening ceremony will live forever in the memories of those who witnessed it. It is the true image and meaning of reconciliation.

The Australian Story documentary is a very faithful and sensitive portrayal of how people like Sue Blacklock, Des Blake and Beulah Adams have come to terms with their shared history, and is a lesson for all of us.

The Film Club will commence on Sunday at 4pm with this 27 minute screening. It will be the perfect backdrop to the annual gathering at Myall Creek two weeks later, on Sunday, 10th June. Everyone is invited, and the documentary is highly recommended.

Please stay for the feature movie “Argo” – it is a nail biting account of the rescue of 6 American embassy staff during the 1979 Iranian revolution. A separate review of “Argo” appears above.