Final days to recognise excellence in the local workforce

July 16, 2009

It is time once again to reward those people in our community who have provided us with excellent service or who are terrific employees or indeed employers.

This is the ninth annual Gwydir Community Awards. Nominations will be open from Wednesday July 1, to close of trading on Friday August 24. As usual there will be a Warialda and district and a Bingara and district based set of awards.

The list of nominated people and businesses will then be published in the following weeks paper and the short listed people and businesses will be published in the next weeks paper.

The Gwydir Shire is once again the major sponsor of these awards. Warialda and District Chamber of Commerce and Bingara Vision 20/20 Committee are also sponsoring and coordinating the awards in the relevant communities.

The categories this year are very similar to last years except that the senior employee category has been expanded to include business owners or proprietors. From last years nominations it was clear that many people were nominating owners as well as senior employees in the senior employee’s category so this year it was decided to broaden this category to correct this anomaly.

Who can you nominate? The answer to this is very simple. Anyone! There is a category that should fit anyone in our community. You may be a work colleague or employer and wish to acknowledge someone who may not be in the ‘public eye’ but does a great job. Or you maybe a customer or client of someone who goes out of their way to make your life easier it is up to you.

There are lots of people in our communities who do an outstanding job. Let us all get behind them and recognise them for their invaluable contributions.

We all know that the rural part of our local economy has been doing it quite tough now for a number of years with sometimes low commodity prices and almost perpetual drought.

It is very important then that we as a community are very proactive in nominating those from our rural community.  They have a very hard time in recent years and any recognition that we can put their way is long overdue.

Our local rural community has many, many talented and innovative people within it just as all our more ‘visible’ occupations do.
Everyone who is doing a great job deserves recognition no matter what industry they are in. While not everyone can win or even be short listed everyone can be recognised in our local communities for a job well done.

 The nomination form this year is similar to last years except that there is a cross out section for your town you are nominating in. The other change is as outlined above in the senior employee/proprietor category.

As you are nominating people in their relevant categories could you please write why they are being nominated. The form has space for this under the relevant category. If you need extra space the back of the form can be used or you can attach an extra sheet (preferably stapled).

The information that you supply will greatly assist the judges to make the decisions that they have to make.

As per usual the nomination forms will be available from The Advocate and the Fruit Market and these businesses will have boxes to drop your completed nomination forms in.