Fiona hangs up her showgirl’s tiara

June 2, 2008

Bingara Showgirl, Fiona Ozols ended her reign with a speech at the opening of the Bingara show.

"Is (the show) about the dodgem cars, the only place where you can give your mates whiplash for fun," she asked.

"Is it about the horses, watching your idols jumping the open six-bar at night? Is it about the pavilion, wondering who’s jam, cake, photo, or painting could possibly be better than yours.

"Add to this cattle and sheep,the list goes on and on. This is what Bingara Show is to me.

"Showgirl is not a beauty pageant. It’s a chance to represent your show society and put your town on the map. It’s a chance to learn so much about your town, what crops are grown in the area, the studs in our shire which are no doubt dominated by various breeds of cattle. It’s a chance to learn about Bingara’s first ever show society, about agriculture in general, and most of all, a little of what happens behind the scenes for our show to be successful. "This year, I was given the chance to represent Bingara Show Society as the 2007 Bingara Showgirl at the Zone 4 finals held in Manilla in March. While I was unsuccessful in my campaign for the state finals at the Royal Easter Show, it has been an experience that I will never forget.

"Firstly, I must mention the showgirl balls, which have become an annual event for the showgirl entrants. While they have been extremely successful and unforgettable nights, without the support of the town, and the hard work from the show society, namely Kelly Holland and Annie Harvey, the balls would not have happened, let alone be the memorable nights that they have been and will continue to be.

"This was our first big fundraiser, and from this we all had some fantastic ideas to get the show up and running again. We kicked this off with a trivia night and charity auction, from which the proceeds of the auction went to the Bingara Central School Band Support Group, and the door takings to the show society. Again, a highly successful night full of fun.

"Then came the most fantastic idea of all…the calendar. A real hit with the ladies might I say, and many, many thanks must go the greatest photographer ever, Julie Alley. Without her, and the boys I guess, this would just not have been possible.

"November last year saw our second showgirl ball, where I was given the reins to lead Bingara into battle at the zone finals. Humans have this fight or flight response, and sorry guys, but this time I took the flight. While this wasn’t the most successful nights of my life, I have to say it was one I thoroughly enjoyed.

This journey has been extremely unique, and has not only given me a chance to meet great girls with similar interests and presented me with the most fun a girl could ask for, it has been a challenge. When you become showgirl and wear the satin sash, winner or runner-up, you feel pride. You feel accomplished and ready to take on the world.

"Many thanks must go to all those who have been involved in my journey, including the support from the entire town. Although, I must make mention of a few. Firstly, to Kelly Holland and Annie Harvey, who approached the girls for the 2007/2008 showgirl competition, to my mum, dad, Beth and Aaron, who have been to every showgirl event of mine, including the zone finals at Manilla, and last, but most definitely not least, my fellow entrants: Meaghan Gill, Lauren Galvin, Belinda Brien, Penny Goodwin in her absence, and our 2007 runner-up Renae Cooper.

Without you, this would just not possible. You have all put your heart and soul into everything that we have tackled head on, and without you, there would be no showgirl competition.

"The show society is now calling on new entrants to enter the competition for 2009/2010 Bingara Showgirl. I strongly recommend any girl who is of age to enter, as this is the experience of a lifetime. All six of us had a fantastic time as 2007 entrants, and I can guarantee that you will have the fun that we had," Fiona concluded.