First steps towards Bingara CEDP completed

August 9, 2010

Bingara CEDP project co-ordinator Rick Hutton is very pleased with the results of the first three stages in the Project. “Thank you to all those people who have contributed thus far,” he said.

 “The first stage of this process was the “Our Place”- Country Town Living 2025 Forum held in February.” Rick said. “The second and third stages were the Shop Front held on the Orange Festival day, and a Workshop held last Wednesday.”

The Bingara CEDP seeks to design a plan for a lower energy, less waste, more independent future that engages and involves all members of the community. It is based on the Transition Towns concept first developed in Great Britain some ten years ago.

“Sustainability is a key concept in this process.” Rick said, “but the term is often misunderstood by folk. At its most basic, “sustainability” is the progress of a community wherein it produces more “energy” than it consumes.”

In a political sense, the term “triple bottom line” is often used to refer to what the community measures. It means economic, social and environmental wellbeing in a sustainable community.

In its first VISION Document, produced in 2006, VISION20/20 proposed “that for the Bingara community, sustainability is not good enough”. They proposed the word REGENERATIVE as a more appropriate ideal.

“REGENERATIVE implies that the conservation of energy in a sustainable community is both dynamic and successional.” Rick explained. “There is a need for some growth in every measured time-cycle in the community, and it is essential that each generation values its predecessor and leaves the next generation with a healthy start.”

REGENERATION is reflected in many of the ideas gathered so far in the Project.

“Many of the people who submitted ideas wrote of the need for new industries, less waste, more local food, more care for the aged and more opportunities for young people.” Rick said. “There were suggestions for tourism, heritage recognition, more volunteerism, and a more concise, focused and functionally designed community plan.”

The next stage in the Bingara CEDP Project will be to liaise with community groups to seek both their general ideas regarding our community and their specific needs and suggestions. Rick Hutton would like to have the opportunity to attend groups’ monthly meetings, or to convene meetings with the executive and key members of organisations.

The Bingara Community Economic Development Plan is a project jointly supported by Gwydir Shire Council and Bingara and District VISION 20/20. The Project is funded by the NSW Department on Industry and Investment. Former Bingara businessman Rick Hutton has been employed by the funding recipient, VISION 20/20, to conduct workshops and community discussions and to write a report by the end of October.

“I welcome any opportunity to discuss the Bingara CEDP with any interested individuals” Rick said. “I can be contacted on 0428 255380 to arrange a meeting.”