First Timer Virgins

October 23, 2008

I am sitting in this plastic tent – I am very happy to say.
It’s 7.30 in the morning – beginning a brand new day.

I hear these blokes and sheilas telling of their story.
I am amazed at this talent – led by a Pom in her glory.

An Aussie Sapper, white beard, bush hat – he’s so cool.
A slightly grey haired Belgiumaniun, with suitcase in hand.

A pretty ponytailed, purple dressed pig farmer who had changed her name
Then came Robyn a good looking Brizzie chic – writes poetry, is her game.

They all did tell their stories with humor – and of loved ones.
Climbing down overhead top beds to pee, then came tits, bums, and saggy bellies galore.

I laughed so loud my tears did flow – through their tightly closed slits.
You see, I could see Pam Ayers stretched out naked – telling of saggy bits.

Gidday mate – these CMCA old timers they would state
In a loud voice with strong hairy arms outstretched my way.

A CMCA first timer a virgin aye – we’ll lead you astray ole mate – they did say.
I shrunk behind the wife, because she’s the virgin these days.

I met many first timer virgins at the showgrounds where bulls did buck.
Their cowboys high into the blue heavens sky – they did come unstuck.

My watching actors with their pitch forks, full flies fed on cowpats.
A first timer virgin aye, aloud voice did say – have you got a mate.

Folks would you give a hand to these writers of life here today?
Story tellers of their work in another RV friendly little town.

For 130 first timer virgins who are here with us we say –
May we wish you well in Bingara – because we are here to play.

A young olympian he spoke of experiences gained in his short spanned lifetime.
Counting on his fingers when he would be entitled to his parents’ inheritance.

The Mayor he said his piece then came his understudy to fill us in.
Both annointing Bingara as an RV friendly country town – in the region "Gwydir".

Clarence Ormsby
CMCA First Timer