Free holidays for local families

January 25, 2020

Over the past few months The Gwydir News has been covering the exciting possibility of free holidays being given to local families. The team from Angourie Rainforest Resort and Blue Dolphin Holiday Resort, Yamba, have been generous enough to offer 70 holidays for drought affected farming families.

There has been interest from far and wide, including from many who are not primarily farmers. Co-ordinator Marlene Brewer wished to reassure potential applicants that these breaks are being reserved for those who need them most.

“The integrity of the program means that we intend to give these holidays to local people who are farming and in need of a break. We want to do the right thing and get this to the right people.”

“We also wish to let people know that whilst we hope recent rain may help people get the chance to take a break in the future, we also know that it is not the end of the drought. Just because it has rained it’s not changing the fact that we will continue giving away holidays.”

For those with concerns about getting off the farm to take the break there are options available. Groups such as Frontier Services, an agency of the uniting church, can help. After assessment they can offer assistance, co-ordinated with the farmer, including caretaking property.

Further details and discussion about what help they may be able to give can be found on their website or by calling their team on 1300 787 247 or 02 8270 1300. Anyone interested in the holiday offer should contact Marlene for further information about the application process or to discuss options to make a getaway possible. She is available via email at: