From the mayors desk…

April 2, 2012

Thank you to all who have completed and returned the Council’s Community Survey. So far we have received in excess of 250 which is a fantastic response. 

For the results of the survey to have an acceptable degree of statistical certainty the Council needs at least 327 completed surveys to be returned. So we are well on the way of achieving this, however, we would like to receive as many as possible to ensure that each locality and demographic (age, gender, etc) group is represented.

The Community Survey is extremely important as your responses will directly shape your future. Your responses and comments will be collated and used in Council’s Community Strategic Plan which will be the main planning strategy for our local government area over the next ten years.

If you have not received your Survey in the post it isn’t too late. Just telephone Kellie Gill at the Council office on either 0267 29300 or 0267 242000 and she can arrange to get one to you.

This is a great opportunity for you to have your say and make a difference. 

Thank you.
Mayor John Coulton.