From the Mayor’s desk

October 11, 2008

Greeting to the residents of the Gwydir Shire.  The Council elections are over and the public have decided their new council for the next four years.  Congratulations to the Councillors who have been elected to this important position.

I am honoured to have been elected Mayor, and look forward to working with my Deputy, Cr. David Rose, the other councillors and the people of the Gwydir Shire.

Before the elections, I told the people of the Gwydir Shire that I wanted to make some changes, and I humbly thank you all for your overwhelming support of this
concept.  Shortly the new committees will be formed and through them the policies will be made.

Although the international monetary system appears fairly unsettled, it is important that we all go forward with confidence.  The new council will be watching the finances closely to ensure the ongoing employment of our workforce and to achieve an advancing works result for the ratepayers and residents.

I will be reporting to you regularly and welcome contact from anyone who has any concerns or ideas.

Tel: 02 6729 5716, or fax 6729 5714 or email:

Bob Tremain