Funding boost for Gwydir Shire Council’s pet program

October 4, 2016

Member for Northern Table­lands Adam Marshall announced recently that Gwydir Shire Coun­cil would receive a grant of $6,952 from the NSW Government to pro­mote responsible pet ownership in the local community.

Mr Marshall said the funding boost would allow council to edu­cate the community in responsible pet ownership and provided free mi­crochipping and de-sexing for shire residents’ pets.

“This 10-month project will be conducted in collaboration with the Nandewar Animal Health Services and Warialda Vet Clinic,” Mr Mar­shall said.

“Council will hold free micro­chipping days at Bingara, Warialda and Gravesend which will be open to all shire residents and also pro­vide free de-sexing for animals which are re-homed from the coun­cil’s pound.

“Two additional cages will be purchased and made available to residents wishing to trap straying and feral cats.

Mr Marshall said one of the im­mediate benefits from the program would be the reuniting of lost and straying pets with their registered owners.

“There will be fewer unwanted animals on the streets which will lead to improved community safety and the education programs will create greater community aware­ness of responsible pet ownership,” he said.

“Providing free microchipping and affordable de-sexing for pet owners who normally can’t afford those services is a great benefit to the entire community.”

GSC Pet Program
Saul Standerwick from Gwydir Council, Ben Borrowdale from In­verell Vet Clinic, Aaron Brooks, Ranger, Adam Marshall MP and local Vet, Michelle Coulton.

The NSW Government intro­duced the Responsible Pet Owner­ship Grants scheme in 2014 to target programs that will increase micro­chipping, lifetime registration and de-sexing rates.

Mr Marshall said the NSW Gov­ernment was committed to improv­ing the positive benefits of pet own­ership while strengthening safety and education in local neighbour­hoods.

“Pet dogs and cats are important family members of many house­holds across our region and it is vi­tal that we are supporting our com­munities promote responsible pet ownership.”