Funding to tell story of the Finch Street Orange trees

August 9, 2012

Federal Government funding, under the ‘Your Community Heritage’ program has been granted to the Bingara community to tell the stories of the Orange Tree avenue in Finch Street.The actual stories of locals who served at war have been very well documented and recorded by local historians, however, like so much other information, data and history the stories lay on bookshelves and few discover or understand their significance.

This project, which is well supported by Bingara Central School, Bingara RSL Sub Branch, Bingara District Historical Society and Gwydir Shire Council will involve interpretative stations, or signs, being placed along the avenue which tell individual stories and efforts of those you fought at war for our benefit.  The stations will place the stories in ‘eyesight’; children will walk past them to and from school. Visitors and residents who already marvel at the untouched trees will now learn more of our war heroes and how their courage, humour and sacrifice shaped our lifestyle.

President of the Bingara RSL Sub Branch, Mr David Young said, ‘Our members are very pleased that the signs will be installed as they will allow more people to understand what actually happened.  We would really appreciate any families who have letters to and from home, medals, gifts, memorabilia to come forward and let us know.  The beauty of technology these days is we can photograph the item and place this on display.  The precious item can then return to the family for safe keeping.’Gwydir Shire Council will be co-ordinating the project. 

Local historian, Mr Ron Irlam is very excited by this project and together with the Bingara District Historical Society have given permission for all of his journals to be made available.

Mr Peter Jones said, ‘A lot of information for the signs will come from Ron’s research. A great number of the signs will be extracts from the existing journals. The Orange Trees are such a special feature of Bingara’s history and it is fantastic that we are able to build on this asset by explaining better their significance’.

If you are interested in being part of this true community project please contact David Young, Peter Jones or Carmen Southwell on 0428241542.