Funds for Bingara’s Riverscape approved

March 8, 2010

Funding to commence Bingara’s long awaited Riverscape project was approved at last week’s council meeting, held in Bingara. $60,000 has been allocated for the project which is made up of $40,000 from council funds and $20,000 from the NSW State Government’s Community Building Partnership. The plan will be put on public display for comment as soon as the Dept of Lands signs the Development Application.

According to General Manager, Max Eastcott the funding is for essential work that needs to be done. The $60,000 will pay for earthworks, fencing, the road and stormwater drains. Councillor Rose expressed concern that the cost to implement the whole plan as designed by Landscape Architect, John Mongard totals $180,000. Cr Egan pointed out that she wanted to see the budgeted funds spent and over the years ahead, complete the rest of the plan when funds became available.

Cr Tremain said he was in favour of completing the first stage of the project saying “these things need doing” but was concerned about approving the whole plan.  “It all needs to be costed. Acceptance of the whole program is a different thing.” Cr Tremain also asked what was happening with the rest of the plans drawn up by John Mongard, saying “Mongard had a hell of a plan for Warialda. Where do we stand with that?”   

Cr Rose also asked “if we are going to put (the plan) on display, why are we going to endorse it?” Mr Eastcott responded, saying that “the plan has been endorsed by the community group that says it represents the town and community.”

The motion which stated “that council endorse the amended Mongard Plans and specifications; the council staff produce a detailed project timetable broken down into a staged project to match the available funding. This timetable will be provided to council together with the Development Application when finalised and approved; that council advertises the Mongard Plan seeking public comment once the Development Application is signed by the Dept of Lands” was carried with all in favour except Cr Rose and Cr. Tremain, who asked that their votes be recorded against the motion.