Gardens that Work with Nature offers tips to green thumbs and those that want to be

January 16, 2022

Gwydir Ark group partnered with Northern Slopes Landcare recently to host a ‘Gardens that work with Nature’ workshop. Held at Bingara’s The Living Classroom, the day attracted visitors from as far as Barraba, Moree and Inverell and was very well received by all.

Attendees were guided around The Living Classroom’s gardens and greenhouse by Amber Hall, and shown best practice techniques for re-potting plants, planting out plants, and how to maintain and improve soil health for healthier plants and more nutrient rich produce.

“Amber’s section on soil health and the relationship to plant health was fascinating. You don’t know what you don’t know,” said one attendee.

The Living Classrom’s Amber Hall delivers practical gardening tips to Gwydir gardeners

Rick Hutton from The Living Classroom discussed the merits and principles of permaculture, explaining how some of the garden beds on display around The Living Classroom were designed and the reasoning behind them. Peter Dawson from North West Local Land Services raised awareness on the need to consider how you dispose of excess or no longer wanted plants from your garden; the need to be conscious that some introduced species are prone to causing problems both to livestock and the natural landscape if they escape the confines of the garden.

Plants such as Harrisia Cactus and Tiger Pear are prime examples of garden ‘escapees’. Such plants have become established in the region and are now a major pest, being classed as priority weeds.

With delicious catering from Friends of Touriandi, there was much enthusiasm for the day to be repeated. Keep your eye out in the New Year for details on the next event.