Geologist invites Gwydir residents to explore local area

August 17, 2010

Geologist Bob Brown and his wife Nancy have extended an invitation to Gwydir Shire residents to join them on an explorative trip around Bingara and surrounding district.

Bob told Rick Hutton that they had  been successful in co-founding a geoscience society in Armidale – GSUNE and one of their aims is to involve people interested in geoscience in field activities. Their web page is:

Bob told Rick, "We are planning on running a trip from Woodsreef to Bingara, then from the glacial area back to Woodsreef over the weekend of August 28-29.  Some people will attand for one day, and others for the full weekend. 

At this stage it is intended that we meet at Woodsreef where we examine fresh ophiolitic rocks and associated alteration adjacent to the old open cut, then proceed onto the common, where we will go underground into the old King Solomon and Barney Bernato gold mines, then walk to the Ironbark Creek copper mine where the classic geological setting of a submarine exhalative deposit can be examined. 

After this we will travel north along the Peel fault, examining magnesite, chromite and dunite deposits and their associated rocks.

Day 2 will travel through the Tamworth Belt sequence from youngest to oldest rocks, following the geological tour route we established previously.  We hope to camp near Bingara on the Saturday night if we can find something suitable, ideally along the Gwydir, but otherwise in a pleasant rural setting.

It is hoped that we will have a good contingent of students present.  Prof Paul Ashley of UNE will co-lead day 1, and Nancy and I day 2."

They will be starting from Woodsreef on Saturday morning, about 8:30am, using their own vehicles, mainly 2WD.  People will need their lunches etc, and a torch if they would like to go underground, hard hats will be supplied.  A route and brief guide will be issued prior to the excursion.

You have the option of going for the full weekend, or for only one day.  If the trip interests you, contact Nancy on 6773 2496, or email  Please advise whether you will require transport, or can offer a lift, and what day(s) you will attend.

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