‘Gilly’ Pony Club Volunteer of the Year Award recipient

August 11, 2017

Earlier this year Bingara Pony Club nominated Mr John ‘Gilly’ Gill for the Pony Club Volunteer of the Year Award.

Last week it was announced that John Gill and David Shouten, both from zone 8 had been successful in receiving this very prestigious award.

Launched in 2010, the award is acknowledgement of the tireless work that someone has put in over a long period of time, often long after their own children have finished Pony Club.

Gilly’, as he is affectionately known, joined Pony Club in about 1980 when his eldest daughter commenced pony club age of three.

Prior to 1980 ‘Gilly’ began lending horses to members and continues to do so.

He has been club President on at least five occasions as well as ‘F’ troop instructor (little children just starting out on leads) for at least 15 years.

Perhaps what he is most known for is being the man with ‘the golden voice’, announcing at all Pony Club events for over 20 years.

Other jobs ‘Gilly’ has done include, but not limited to, are First Aid officer; camp commandant; storeman and gear check steward.

He is also a Life member of Bingara Pony Club and a much-loved part of the Bingara Pony Club family.

‘Gilly’ continues to support Bingara Pony Club and is never very far from the microphone on all competition days. He is always lurking around doing odd jobs, most recently painting cross country jumps for the upcoming Jamboree this year which Bingara is hosting.
“Bingara Pony Club would like to thank ‘Gilly’ for all he has done and continues to do for Bingara Pony Club,” said club President Sinclair Munro.
“We are very proud of you in being the recipient of this award. It is truly deserved.”
The Bingara Pony Club also congratulated David Shouten on receipt on his award.
‘Gilly’ will be presented with his award at the Zone 8 Jamboree being held at the Bingara Showground from the 2nd to 4th October.