Gold Field Diggings

March 25, 2013

I am asking for who may have information about the gold field diggings on the Bingara Common.

In the area bordering West Street and Cunningham Street, in what is part of The Living Classroom project, there is an area of remnants of gold digging. Mullock heaps and about twenty small depressions testify to the prospecting that took place there.

In a conversation with a Bingara resident who grew up here in the 1940’s, I was told that not only were there surface “scratchings” but “at least two mine shafts” on that field.

The Living Classroom Steering Committee would like to preserve this part of our heritage into the site. Landscape Architect John Mongard has identified this area as the “gold field” on his plan.

To appreciate the value of this heritage some artifacts and even a mock-up of a gold mine shaft and “poppet head” may be included in this project.

This will become part of the educational and tourist focused aspects of the site. A request to the Bingara Historical Society through its President Peter Jones on this matter is being pursued.

If any reader knows of the history of this area, or has photos, maps or artifacts relating to it, we would love to hear from you.

Please feel free to contact the Steering Committee through me, or directly to Duncan Thain at the Gwydir Shire Council Bingara Office.

Rick Hutton – for The Living Classroom Steering Committee.
Ph: 0428255380