Green Skills course

June 29, 2011

ATAC have approached Community Colleges Northern Inland to offer a skill set towards “Green Skills”. It is a set of five units of competency and will take place over 12 weeks with four workshops.

It will be held in Bingara and will only cost $100.00 per participant. Each participant will receive a Certificate of Attainment.  For many people the issue of sustainability is not clear.  There is ongoing political debate about what to do to protect our future.

Many people want to do something and want to know how they can contribute to conserving scarce resources and protecting their environment.  This course provides information and assistance on how to determine the environmental issues that are important to you and provides you with the tools to do something in your community to make a difference.

The course is open to all sectors of business and community.  Anyone who has an interest in what they can do to contribute to the sustainability of their business or community should attend. Participants will be required to attend four workshops and complete a range of tasks related to their work-place, home or community during the duration of the course.

At the end of the course participants will have identified actions they can take and will have put in place a program to ensure they let members of their business and community know what they are doing to contribute to environmental sustainability.

The course is delivered in the local community and relates to local environmental issues.  “I think this is a great opportunity.  I think it will compliment the application for the Regenerative Farming Centre and also the trade training centres," Bingara Community College Coordinator, Ellie Skinner, said.

“The government agenda at all levels of government is leaning more and more towards the ‘Green’ side of things and I think that to have training in this will aid anything the community wants to do."

For more information about this course, contact:
Ellie Skinner, Coordinator,
Bingara Community College – Northern Inland Inc.
PO Box 91
Phone/Fax: (02) 6724 1965