Gwydir Art Prize to Dorrigo artist

October 25, 2010

A retired art teacher now of Dorrigo, has won the 2010 Gwydir Art Prize.
Don Hutchison, previously an art teacher at Brener TAFE, Ipswich, Queensland, moved 12 months ago to Dorrigo.  His painting, ‘Moorings’ becomes the property of the Gwydir Shire Council, which provided $2,000 for the acquisitive prize.

Organiser of the Gwydir Art Show, Mrs. Robin Hansen, with art judge, Pat Rowley and Senator John Williams, who opened the show.
Organiser of the Gwydir Art Show, Mrs. Robin Hansen, with art judge, Pat Rowley and Senator John Williams, who opened the show.

Judge, Pat Rowley, said the painting was “honest, from the heart, had lovely colour and excellent composition.

Don Hutchison has recenlty had an art show at Katoomba,. Earlier this year, he won the Armidale Regional Prize with a painting entitled “Women”.

Prizes were announced at the opening on Thursday evening. Senator John Williams opened the show, where he praised the work of Kevin and Robin Hansen and their dedicated team of helpers.

The competition attracted over 160 artworks in nine sections, as well as almost 200 works from Bingara Central School and Ross Hill (Inverell) Public Schools.

Photography is attracting more entries each year, this year over 170 entries were entered.

A new section, decorated jeans, attracted nine entries, while pottery and mosaic sections showed an interesting variety of entries.


  • Section 1. Acquisitive Painting: The Gwydir Art Prize.
    Winner Don Hutchison, (Dorrigo). ‘Moorings’.
  • Section 2: Watercolour: The New England Mutual Prize:
    Winner James White (Armidale),
    Highly Commended: Jenny MacNaughton.
  • Section 3: Oil or Acrylic.
    Winner: Joy Cooksey (Harrington),
    Highly Commended: Elva Schumack (Tamworth).
  • Section 4: Pastel.
    Winner: Robbie Swatman (nee McConnell – Sydney).
    Highly Commended: Phil Pinch and Jenny MacNaughton.
  • Section 5: Any subject – any medium:
    Winner, Owen Bilsborough (Toowoomba).
    Highly Commended: Marney Gippel and Gloria Van Weel.
  • Section 6: Best painting by a local artist:
    Winner: Jan Miller (Bingara).
    Highly Commended: Jeanette Fraser McGowan.
  • Section 7: Local scene:
    Winner, Owen Bilsborough (Toowoomba).
    Highly Commended: Frank Dudman.
  • Section 8: Drawing – Open.
    Winner: Phil Pinch (Manilla),
    Highly Commended: Jocelyn Girle.
  • Section 9: Miniature.
    Winner: Madeliene Szymanski (Sydney).
  • The People’s Choice Award, painting: “Willie Nelson” by Gloria Van Weel.
  • Section 10: Children’s Art: Secondary.
    Winner: Rachael Heaton (Bingara).
    Highly Commended: Taylor Rogers, Kira Reading, Rachael Heaton.
  • Section 11: Children’s Art: Years 3 to 6.
    Winner: Joey Bilsborough (Bingara).
    Highly Commended: Susana Melguizo (Inverell), Claudia Hili (Inverell), Charlotte O’Dell (Bingara), Gabbie O’Conner, (Bingara), Ashliegh Cox.
    Class Group Painting:
    Winner: Year3, Girls – Inverell “Home Among the Gum Trees”.
  • Section 12. Children’s Art: K to Year 12.
    Winner: Rayisha Sines (Inverell).
    Highly Commended: Jasmine Kerr, Andrew McGarrity and Tianna Sullivan. 
    Class Group Painting:
    Winner: Year 2 P Inverell – “Still Life from Kim Hart.”
  • Section 13. Best Painted Jeans.
    Winner: Robin Hansen.
    Highly Commended, Robin Hansen.
  • Secaiton 14: Best Decorated Jeans.
    Winner: Anna Capel.
  • Section 15: Best painted or decorated Jeans.
    Winner: Victoria Abra.
    Highly commended: Ned Abra.
  • Section 16: Best Piece of Mosaic Work:
    Winner, Shirley Witts (Bingara).
    Highly Commended: Shirley Witts.
  • Section 17: Hand Built Pottery: “The Pam Hall Memorial Trophy”. Winner: Pat Tobin (Narrabri).
    Highly Commended: Anne Pickett.
  • Section 18: Thrown – Any Clay.
    Winner, Pat Tobin.
    Highly Commended: Pat Tobin.
  • Section 18A: Junior Pottery.
    Winner: Sarah Croft. title Super Bug.
  • Section 18B: Junior Sculpture.
    Winner: Duncan Thompson, “Big Stinger”.
  • Section 19: Photographic. Best Senior Photograph in Sections 19 to 21. Winner Chuck Shave, “Henry”. 
    Open: Winner: Elizabeth Morriss.
    Highly Commended, Julie Alley, Linda Hartley, Julie Alley, Jenny Kirk, Julie Alley, Stephanie Bester, Elizabeth Morriss, Sunshine Poschinger, Tim Cox, Nicole Gillogly.
  • Section 20: Portrait.
    Winner, Sunshine Poschinger.
    Highly Commended: Chuck Shave, Bronte Wright, Jenny Kirk.
  • Section 21. Landscape/Waterscape.
    Winner: Elizabeth Morris.
    Highly Commended: Stephanie Bester, Sunshine Poschinger, Chuck Shave, Ralph Waters, Ingrid Gunthorpe.
  • The People’s Choice Award – Photographic, Sections 19 to 21.
    Winner: “Addison and Friend” by Nicole Dixon. 

Photography judge was Jill Coleman.
Judge of the Mosaic and Pottery was Helena South.