Gwydir Council’s leadership re-elected unopposed

October 8, 2010

Gwydir Shire Mayor, John Coulton has been returned unopposed for a second term.

Mayor JOhn Coulton

Cr. Coulton said after his election he had enjoyed his first 12 months as Mayor.
“I hope to be a better Mayor because I now know more than I did at the start of my first year,” he said.  Last year, Cr. Coulton sought and gained approval of Council to chair all committees “to learn the ropes”.

Now that he has a better knowledge of all committees, Cr. Coulton said, he wants to drop back from chairing all committees, expressing a wish to involve all Councillors more in the process of running the Council.

The election of the Deputy Mayor was also a straightforward procedure, with Cr. Catherine Egan also re-elected unopposed.

Cr. Coulton was elected to Council in a by-election in 2009.