Gwydir Learning Region Trade Training Centre Application

November 6, 2009

An application has been made to establish a Trade Training Centre within the Gwydir Learning Region.

The scheme is being administered by the Federal Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations. It has several objectives which are to improve the student retention rates in our schools; to address skills shortages in the areas in which the facility is established; to establish skills hubs in rural and isolated areas and to allow the pursuit of Certificate lll (Trade level) qualifications while still at school.

The Gwydir Learning Region has applied to establish trade training facilities in Automotive Studies, Rural Studies and Hospitality (Commercial Cookery).

If the project is approved, it is planned to develop training facilities in the following areas.

Rural Studies
The Bingara Top Common, opposite the Bingara Racecourse will be developed to accommodate a multi-purpose teaching and learning facility containing classroom / lecture room, toilet and washroom facilities, workshop facilities and storage facilities as well as outdoor learning areas and horticulture, cropping and grazing areas

Students can pursue a Certificate lll Rural Studies course which may include Horticulture, Grazing and Cropping.

In addition to the construction of this facility, equipment for the study of Agriculture as a school subject in each of the GLR secondary schools will be upgraded so that students can pursue Certificate ll studies in the school environment.

Students wishing to pursue a career in Hospitality (Commercial Cookery) will be able to do so while still at school.

It is proposed to construct a training kitchen attached to the back of the recently refurbished kitchen at the Roxy Café. Student chefs will be trained to work in a commercial kitchen environment and to make this possible, a new commercial kitchen which will be equipped to cater for eight trainee chefs.

To supplement this facility, kitchens at each of the schools will be upgraded to allow the teaching of Certificate ll Hospitality studies, leading into Certificate lll studies at the Roxy Hospitality Trade Training Centre.

Automotive Studies
Certificate lll Automotive Studies will be possible for students wishing to follow a career in this industry.

A purpose-built automotive repair workshop will be established in Warialda on Council-owned property and will be equipped with state of the art automotive repair and diagnostic equipment. This workshop will accommodate students who wish to follow a career in automotive repairs and wish to do so whilst still a school student.

At the present time, there are a number of Bingara and Warialda students who are studying Certificate l and ll courses in Automotive, and this will allow them to follow on and complete a trade qualification.

It is hoped that in the Rural Studies, Hospitality and Automotive Studies courses, local teachers can be employed to provide training.

The proposal has been submitted to the Federal Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations. It is expected that members of the Gwydir Learning Region Committee will hear if their application has been successful by the end of November.

The total value of the project is $3,000,000.00 which will provide a significant boost to the economy of both towns, as well as offering a great opportunity for our students.