Gwydir River at Bingara one of the best kayaking spots

April 20, 2010

The Gwydir River, Bingara has been named as one of the best places in the state to go kayaking in a new book called Paddling around New South Wales.

Author, Geoff Greenwood, paddling in the Gwydir River.
Author, Geoff Greenwood, paddling in the Gwydir River.

The authors, Scott Rawstorne and Geoff Greenwood, discovered Bingara in late 2008 when they were here as part of their epic “40 paddles in 40 days” in which they explored the state’s most varied and beautiful waterways.
They also raised much needed funds for Heartfelt House (, a non profit organisation based on the north coast of NSW that provides support for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

Scott and Geoff believe that recreational kayaking provides a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in amazing environments without disturbing them or leaving any trace of your visit.

Mother Nature’s waterways are a gift to kayakers, and the inspiration for Paddling around New South Wales. They say  “This book is for everyone who knows the joy of floating quietly into nature, and anyone who has ever dreamed of picking up a paddle.”

In order to help protect the waterways of NSW, Scott and Geoff have decided to contribute 10% of the purchase price of every book sold through their website to worthy conservation or protection projects. If you believe that you know of a cause that might fit the bill, please feel free to get in touch with them via email to